We are close to you

Most of our members work at companies where there are elected representatives who form a link between them and their employers in everyday life.

Local issues require local representatives, and by working close to you, your elected representatives can play an important role. They represent you and negotiate for you and your colleagues. Their task is also to emphasise the value of engineers to the business.

Elected representatives provide opportunities for influence

Employees should be able to gain insight into the company's business and be able to influence working conditions through their elected representatives. For example, they receive ongoing information on how things are going, both financially and in production. They also negotiate with your employer before decisions are taken on major business changes that affect your working conditions. This transparency and influence is channelled through the elected representatives at your workplace.

The local branch

At your workplace, you are represented by the elected representatives in the local branch. Often, all the academic unions collaborate, which means that the branch is sometimes referred to as the Akademikerförening, Sacoförening or similar. All graduates in the workplace who are members of one of the more than 20 Saco associations are members of the local branch. However, each union has its own branch in the public sector and at some major employers.

The members of the branch, you and your colleagues, appoint the Board each year. In order to prepare your elected representatives as well as possible they receive training and regular support from us.

Examples of what local branches do:

  • Provide support and advice on matters concerning your employment.
  • Explain your value to the company.
  • Negotiate for you if there are organizational changes, managerial recruitments, redundancies etc.
  • Represent the employees' interests in the corporate board.
  • Negotiate local agreements.

No local representation?

If there is no local branch at your workplace, get together with your SACO colleagues and start one. We will help you.