This is what we do

Something unexpected could happen to anyone. It could be illness, or a dispute, an organisational change or personal chemistry that does not work.

If this happens, we provide the best assistance. We have well-trained elected representatives at workplaces, and skilful representatives and lawyers who can quickly be reached by telephone, e-mail or our website.

All members of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers also have access to on-call expertise. We have administrators with long-term experience in the industry and insight into the engineer’s role in the labour market.


Protection from the unemployment benefit fund has never been sufficient for us engineers. Our income insurance guarantees 80 % of one month’s salary up to a maximum of SEK 100,000. This is an example of how we build security together.


We closely monitor education, research and development. Competency issues are extremely important as the market becomes more global.


Don’t just change jobs, change to the right job – a better one. We organise work social parties and offer career coaching.

Collective agreement

Other issues

Other issues on which we focus include infrastructure, environmental issues, taxes and parental days.

EMF Solidarity Pact

The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers is a member of EMF, European Metalworker's Federation. This means that we are affiliated with the Solidarity Pact.

Staying in Sweden?

Are you an engineer, a member of one of EMS' member organisations, and staying in Sweden for at most one year?
Then we can help you with questions related to the Swedish Labour Market and your employment.



We are the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers