Sveriges Ingenjörer has 150 000 members, all of whom have an academic degree and who support each other. Sveriges Ingenjörer is a strong union with great dynamism and the resources to be of benefit. A union that looks forward instead of back and uses modern, new methods to achieve its objectives.

Sveriges Ingenjörer is the largest association within Saco, the organisation for academics. We look after your interests in questions of importance for employment conditions, education and professional conduct.

Benefits of membership

The association supports you throughout your career, whether it concerns negotiating on salaries and conditions of employment or providing assistance in a specific situation.

Besides advice and support, your membership also entails benefits such as income insurance, group insurance and professional journals.

As a member you also have the opportunity to receive help from a career coach, take out a member’s loan, save for your pension (private) and take out excellent insurance policies for yourself and your family – some examples of member offers.

Members’ influence – a matter of course in a member organisation

The Association's General Assembly meets every year in November. The General Assembly is Sveriges Ingenjörer’s highest decision-making body and draws up the guidelines for the union’s activities. All members are entitled to make proposals/propose motions to the General Assembly. The members of the General Assembly are selected from and by members once every four years.

The General Assembly also selects members to the Association's Executive Committee. As a member you can nominate members to the Executive Committee.

Join in and have an influence.

Read more about how members can get involved and influence their union:

We are the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers