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The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers protects members’ interests in terms of education and professional life.

  • We provide members with firm support throughout their entire professional life; advice and assistance in salary negotiations, in the event of lay-off warnings, termination of employment and transfers, career advice and advice on studying and working abroad.
  • We sign collective agreements with several employer organisations and have more than 5,000 elected members who work locally at workplaces on salary development, competency and security issues. The collective agreement regulates your working and general conditions, for example, working hours, pension, work environment issues and rules pertaining to shortage of work and termination notices.

We can be your coach throughout your career. We know about your industry, your education and your working environment. We offer you support and professional competence, promote your interests, encourage you to grow, negotiate for you and initiate debate regarding such issues as salaries and education. We are a modern organisation, and use innovative methods to achieve results. 

Membership criteria

Standard membership

is either a Master of Science degree in Engineering or a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering (at least 180 credits). Standard Membership is also available to students of technology who have completed at least 180 higher education credits towards a Master of Science degree in Engineering, and to university graduates with at least a Bachelor-level degree in another technical/science-related area.Membership fee: SEK 240 per month

Student membership

is open to all students who aim to pursue a degree with a major in any of the above-mentioned fields. When we receive information that a degree has been awarded, Student Membership is converted to a Standard Membership.Student Membership fee: SEK 15 per month.

Membership now

Download, print and complete by hand. Form includes application for membership of the Unemployment Benefit Fund, Akademikernas a-kassa.

Send the signed form to
Sveriges Ingenjörer
110 07 Stockholm

We are the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers