About the membership

The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers is the only union that is totally focused on engineers. We offer membership to graduated engineers and currently have 150 000 members. With our specialist knowledge of your working conditions and the conditions in your labour market we can promise you security and the opportunity to develop throughout your life as an engineer, from studies to retirement.

Why should engineers join?


You gain basic security which means that you dare more. Security in the form of advantageous income insurance and advisory services from our union officials and lawyers.


Careers and development

You gain access to well-honed tools that strengthen you in your professional life – tools ranging from career coaching and CV assessment to seminars and engineer-specific salary statistics.

Good working conditions

We keep an eye on your working conditions and negotiate collective agreements that govern overall terms of, for example, retirement, overtime, sickness and holiday pay as well as parental allowance.

Close to you

We are represented in the vast majority of workplaces and ensure that your interests are safeguarded. For example, we monitor issues such as pay negotiations, organizational changes or managerial recruitment.

Social impact

As your union, it is our task to emphasise how crucial you and your engineering colleagues are to Sweden's development. Using our advocacy activities, we intend to strengthen your prospects on the labour market and ensure that employers understand your value.

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